Is it a water glass, a cocktail glass or a juice glass? The Tiki Split drinking glass is all in one, because it is suitable for all kinds of drinks. Whether you like milk, a home-made lemonade, water, beer, a sweet cocktail or softdrink, this glass is suitable for serving different drinks. This makes it a multi-functional glass that is suitable for a weekday, but also for a party or a BBQ.

Libbey’s Tiki collection is perfect for those who appreciate the unique flair of modern vintage tiki style. The Tiki Split tumbler is a worthy salute to the Polynesian-themed restaurants and bars popular in the 1950s and ’60s, famous for their allure of good vibes and tropical treasures. The Tiki Split tumbler features a different tiki face on each side and each one has its specific meaning. One side shows a fierce expression, traditionally related to chasing away unwanted spirits, while the other shows a quirky modern expression to show the joy that tiki brings. The shape helps the ice to stay in the glass, suitable for serving heavy ice-loaden tiki signature drinks. It allows cocktail makers to avoid using straws, making it a sustainable choice and a must-have in any bar. These quirky glasses are sure to be a party favorite in every celebration.