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Libbey is the glassware for professionals and is one of the largest tableware suppliers in the world. Libbey has been around since 1818 and has developed into an authentic brand with clear rootsThat development process never ends; Libbey is constantly reinventing itself. The materials below feature all of our current items.

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Our product catalog contains the full overview of our glassware offering for foodservice professionals.


Additional materials providing additional information on part of our collection or to be inspired by.

Wine Oh Wine

Sharing the Summer Sparkle Leaflet

Hobstar Coloured

Cheers to Sharing the Summer Sparkle Leaflet

Hobstar Coloured Leaflet


Modern Vintage

Going Back to Basics Leaflet
No-Low Leaflet Stackable Leaflet Tiki Leaflet

Be inspired, insights & trends
At Libbey we firmly believe in sharing inspiration. We are proud to see how inspired professionals use our tough and iconic glasses for great serves.
This inspires us to keep developing and create glassware for current and future trends. Right here we like to share it all, to inspire you and be inspired by you.
Expert Interviews
Libbey likes to be inspired by foodservice professionals and offer some on-the-spot inspiration to them. That’s why we look at interview professionals from the industry.